Ivy Tech Kokomo plans Countdown to College event

July 28 program will get you ready to start fall classes

KOKOMO, Ind. — At the “Countdown to College: Goal Ivy” event scheduled for July 28 in Kokomo, prospective students will have the opportunity to finalize details so they’ll be ready to start fall semester classes at Ivy Tech Community College.

Additional staff will be on hand for the event, scheduled from 2 to 6 p.m. at Ivy Tech’s Kokomo Campus, 1815 E. Morgan St., to help move prospective students through the enrollment process. Those attending will be able to tour the campus, register for classes, meet faculty and staff, and get answers to last-minute questions.

“No matter where you are in the game, this is a good time to take a ‘time out’ to finish the enrollment process,” said Fran Hardin, associate vice chancellor of student affairs in Kokomo and director of the campus’ Express Enrollment Center. “Registering early gives students time to plan work and family obligations in advance and be better prepared for a busy academic year.

“Registering early also gives you the best selection of class times and days,” she continued. “You can develop your academic plan now and make changes, if needed, all the way up to the start of classes on Aug. 22.”

The event will include food and prizes. Reservations to attend should be made by emailing fhardin@ivytech.edu by Friday, July 22, including the names of those attending and a contact number.

“The priority deadline for fall registration is Aug. 12, but classes are already filling,” Hardin said, adding that no payment is necessary until Aug. 19.

She noted that this is a great opportunity for students whose plans to attend a residential campus in the fall may have changed.

“It’s not too late for them to join our community college team,” she said. “After all, community college is a smart start toward a goal of a four-year degree. In 2014-15, more than 31,000 Ivy Tech students transferred credits or degrees to Indiana’s four-year colleges and universities.”

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Ivy Tech to host volunteer fire chief seminar in Logansport

State Homeland Security, Fire Marshal offices to share information, support

KOKOMO, Ind. — Ivy Tech Community College Kokomo Region will host a Volunteer Fire Chief and Officer Seminar at 6 p.m. Aug. 10 at the College’s Logansport Campus, 1 Ivy Tech Way.

The seminar is designed to provide the leadership of fire departments staffed primarily by volunteers with education and guidance to create and maintain a successful organization. Officials from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security and the state fire marshal’s office will lead the program for fire chiefs and other officers, elected officials, training officers, and anyone interested in being promoted into those positions. There is no charge to attend.

Among the topics to be covered are fire department support services provided by the state fire marshal’s office, fire chief duties and responsibilities, legal issues and requirements, and recruiting, training and retaining volunteers.

Stephanie Reitan, program manager for Ivy Tech’s Corporate College based in Kokomo, said Ivy Tech is hosting the free program as a community service to meet requests from volunteer fire department representatives to bring training to Cass County and the surrounding area. Those participating will have to opportunity to talk to the Homeland Security and state fire marshal representatives about local training needs.

For more information, contact Reitan at 765-252-5476 or sreitan@ivytech.edu.

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Ivy Tech Kokomo Region announces Spring 2016 Dean’s List

Students recognized for academic performance

KOKOMO, Ind. — Ivy Tech Community College’s Kokomo Region has announced the following students have been named to the dean’s list for the Spring 2016 semester.

To be eligible for the dean’s list, students must have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or above while enrolled in at least six credit hours and be seeking a degree. Students also must have achieved a minimum of 12 cumulative credit hours over the course of their academic career.

Sorted by county (Indiana unless otherwise noted):


Lincoln Jasper


Bell (Texas):


Nicholas McKay



Jeremy Hayes

Jessica McVay      
Jon Munson      
Brittany Spitznagle      
Susan Turrill      
Katie Unger      
Brady Wiles      




Chelsey Allen

Maria Avalos      
Maria Banuelos-Cortes      
Morgan-Leigh Barger      
Austin Beach      
Carrie Berendt      
Jose Bermudez Saldana      
Mindy Boehme      
Margarita Botello      
Anthony Botsford      
David Boucher      
Jessica Boucher      
Amy Brannick      
Brandon Brown      
Lisa Brown      
Ryan Buck      
Jamie Burk      
Tyler Carden      
Ashlie Carithers      
Michell Chanley      
Danielle Chester      
Emma Click      
Carol Craw      
Chelsea Debarge      
Akielah DiDomenico      
Kathryn Einstein      
Carrie Ennis      
Gabrielle Ennis      
Mike Francois      
Carly Geisler      
Crystal Gunther      
Emmaleigh Gunther      
Ian Gunther      
Alix Hayden      
Minerva Hernandez      
Jason Huff      
Michael Hughes      
Mincy Hunt      
Tracy Hunter      
Jessica James      
Mitchell Jensen      
Jordan Johnson      
Rebecca Johnson      
Amanda Jones      
Brett Kepner      
John Klein      
April Laub      
Ayla Lawrence      
Christopher Layer      
David Looker      
Yaritza Lopez      
Tyler Lowe      
Alexis Lytle      
Lukas Lytle      
Rick Martinez      
Ruth Martinez Sanchez      
Mercy Mata      
Kimberly McClure      
Floyd McCoy      
Sarah Meyer      
Noah Morris      
Lauren Moss      
Matthew Nelson      
Veronica Osborn      
Jodi Osenbaugh      
Peyton Pasquarosa      
Courtney Pauley      
Erika Peltz      
Bailey Pownell      
Bethany Poyser      
Angel Rance      
Tara Richey      
Adam Rivard      
Kelly Russell      
Jennifer Sales      
Maria Salinas      
April Savoie      
Sarah Schutt      
Caleb Sedam      
Amanda Shively      
Kellie Smith      
Rachel Smith      
Dyllan Steinsberger      
Soledad Tafolla Rodriguez      
Joseph Watts      
Edward Wilkinson      
Sarabia Williams      





Blake Bailey



Carrie Barker

Robert Crowder      
Sheila Donoho      
Mykaela Roof

Madona Smyser



Miriam Lindsey







Mallorie Bailey      
Alexis Carr      
Ashley Chipps      
Michele Clemons      
Deborah Cogdill      
Kristie Culp      
Timothy Czarnecki      
Brooke D’Amico      
Clarissa Elliott      
Jesse Fox      
Caitlynn Gourley      
Logan Groves      
Natasha Harris      
Courtney Herd      
Jennifer Hibner      
Austin Howell      
Gabriel Liby      
Rosemary Lowe      
Brittany Meier      
Rasma Melton      
Arik Owens      
Andrea Rentschler      
Branden Ritchie      
Ashley Schmitt      




Matthew Drown      
Kate Duecker      
Joy Dufendach      
Joseph Greentree      
Justin Harshman      
William Johnson      
Shawn Larrowe      
Arianne Phifer      
Robert Pickering      




Krisha Adams      
Collin Blackford      
Linda Bollhoefer      
Dorian Bush      
Georgiann Hany      
Jeanne Henry      
Jeremy Keller      
Nichole Lewandowski      
Mark Nelson      
Lucas Ogden      
Kimberly Overmyer      
Miranda Rose      
Elijah Schroeder      
Melissa Scott      
Tanya Smith      
Scott Tierney      
Michael Wallace      
Emily Wuerch      



 Corey Smith



Armelle Agoi Demagbo      
Sherry Albright      
Gwendolyn Anthony      
Amy Ashley      
Charlet Ayala      
Amber Baker      
Eliot Banaszak      
Josephine Banaszak      
Louis Banaszak      
Theodore Banaszak      
Tyler Barrett      
Nina Batchler      
Jacob Benton      
Adam Bird      
Tiffany Blackburn      
David Bohn      
James Borum      
Tonya Bradley      
Christina Brankle      
Laura Britton      
Amber Broman      
Eric Brough      
Nicole Bumgardner      
Daniel Burns      
Lee Andrew Caballes      
Lincoln Caldwell      
Carla Calvert      
Brandon Campbell      
Agnes Cast      
Jessie Caudill      
Jackie Chavez      
Donny Clark      
Christian Cline      
Felicia Cohron      
Jessica Colburn      
Cheryl Collins      
Jesse Comarella      
Stephanie Cosley      
Tracy Crenshaw      
Sally Crider      
Daisy Lyn Dacayo      
Nickolaus Davidson      
Shannon Derks      
Dustin Dewitt      
Andrea Dockerty      
Cynthia Dulin      
April Duncan      
Melissa Duncan      
Katelyn Dunham      
Isaac Eastburn      
Amy Edwards      
Rileigh Eller      
Ashly Ennis      
Alicia Evans      
Marlis Feightner      
Aaron Fisher      
Yvette Fogg      
Nicholas Fogle      
Seth Foresman      
Janelle Foster      
Edson Fox      
Michael Garcia      
Lindsey Gordon      
Roseanna Grace      
Caleb Graham      
Ashley Greer      
Isaac Guyer      
Sherry Handy      
Jamesina Harris      
Trenton Haynes      
Benjamin Henn      
Dustin Hinkle      
Fangjie Huang      
Kathy Jackson      
Zachary Jackson      
Channing Jewell      
Brittney Johnson      
Martha Johnson      
Rae Johnson      
Tamara Jones      
William Jumper      
Cortney Justice      
Eunsung Kim      
Sara King      
Kerra Leep      
Joshua Lindley      
Ian Logan      
Anne Loisch      
Michelle Martinez      
Karlie Merrell      
Jessica Metz      
Emily Miller      
Rachel Miller      
Alexandria Millikan      
James Montgomery      
Karissa Morris      
Scott Myers      
Caleb Nelson      
Christi Newlin      
Brock Newton      
Elizabeth Nichols      
Alexander Norfleet      
Trisha Norfleet      
Randy Obenchain      
Autumn Obermeyer      
Calah Oglesby      
Alexandra Olson      
Maddisen Padden      
Chandrea Patterson      
Carl Pennington      
Jeff Philapy      
Ginger Phillips      
Lori Pickard      
Jason Powers      
Heather Prescott      
Brittany Price      
Kelsi Probst      
Stephanie Purvis      
Justin Raborn      
Kasey Reeve      
Gail Rider      
Bradley Riggs      
Brenda Rios      
Edwin Roberts      
James Robins      
Jo Rocchio      
Jennifer Rush      
Brandon Sayger      
Theresa Sefton      
Ashley Sell      
Dhruv Shah      
Susan Shockney      
Curtis Siler      
Macayla Sitzes      
Caleb Slaughter      
Leigh Sloan      
Brianna Smallwood      
Shamar Smiley      
Kyle Stacy      
Brooke Stewart      
Cherice Stigger      
Monica Sutton      
Blaine Swing      
Heidi Swofford      
Valerie Talbot      
Natasha Thieke      
Calvin Thomison      
Maria Tonn      
Johnny Tubia      
Joseph Turner      
Shawna Turner      
Rachel Vega      
David Visser      
William Walker      
Dionne Wallace      
Stacy Walter      
Mary Williams      
Anthony Winston      
Jennifer Wise      
Sheila Woods      
Andy Wright      
Dustin Wright      
Theresa Wright      
Amber Zehringer      
Heather Zeis-Forrey      
Taylor Zook      






Noah Barnard

Megan Dillman      
Christopher Hargrove      
Adam Middleton      
Jason Shenefield      




Sarah Harris

Kimberley Hibst      







Mindy Drye

Jessica Giles      
Shawn Shepard      
Lauryn Wiles      






David Adkins      
Jarrod Alspaugh      
Nakeeta Ambrose      
Denise Benson      
Aaron Birnell      
Jamie Bishop      
Rick Blythe      
Justin Bragg      
Megan Bryant      
Keyton Charlesworth      
Cordelia Cole      
Katherine Copeland      
Nathan Crist      
Teresa Fitzgerald      
John Flynn      
Tyla Fromm      
Crystal Graves      
Dustin Heath      
Sam Hershberger      
Bret Hisey      
Marianne Hoagland      
Kevin Holcomb      
Kylie Holland      
Matthew Jelenek      
Jessica Jobe      
Mary Keaton      
Tricia Lease      
Micholeen Lynch      
Kayla Madden      
Morgan Magee      
James Massie      
Rafael Molina      
Amanda Moore      
Sandra Moxley      
Allison Myers      
Andrew Myers      
Darren Nelson      
Jon Oakley      
Tiffany Parker      
Mariana Ramer      
Jason Rigle      
Amy Rimpler      
Brittany Ritchie      
Janice Rockey      
Jennifer Santiago-Perez      
Mallory Schrock      
Brittanie Seals      
James Seidle      
Jamie Seitter      
Lauren Siblisk      
Michael Sotack      
Jacob Stevens      
Shelly Wade      
Anjanette Wallace      
Sierra Williams      
Tabatha Williams-Janssen      
Maggie Winans      
Josiah Wrightsman      




Darren Heeke




Terry Way




Cori Smeltzer




Julissa Blackmon





Stephanie Boomhower

Aaron Hoover      
Breanna Kistler      
Bryanne Lockridge      
Angela Lynch      
Marissa Moralis      
Sadonna Powers      
Ashley Schwartz      
Jerry Smith      
Krista Wolford      
St. Joseph:

Rachel Kollmar



Timothy Wireman

Kaitlin Zachary      



Maria Biddle

Rodney Brewer      
Carrie Fiddler      
Brittany Hunt      
Reagan Robinson      




James Altherr  
William Bell  
Kristen Boyd  
Tanya Cowan  
Victoria Crail  
Alisha Dick  
Christopher Freeman  
Quincy Henderson  
Philip Hirtzel  
Blake Hopkins  
Jayson Jones  
Jordan Mahaney  
Shana Mahaney  
Eli McCormack  
Amy Meyer  
Mike Pfeiffer  
Kayla Pyke  
Jacob Shepherd  
Jon Thomas  
Haley Wolf  




Philip Balay  
Justin Bitzel  
Megan Boone  
Meghan Brane  
Marion Castle  
Sarah Castle  
Lucia Click  
Stormy Combs  
Dawndra Copeland  
Christie Edwards  
Jennifer Fisher  
Kaycee Green  
Andrea Hill  
Crystal Hunt  
Melisa Jones  
Amber Kaehr  
Derek Lucas  
Kaitlyn Luttrell  
Katlyn Lynch  
Kira Minns  
Jacob Morris  
Chandler Murphy  
Mary Ogle  
Jared Osborne  
Bridgett Parrett  
Terry Paul  
Scott Pretorius  
Angela Ramirez  
Christopher Rapp  
Jeffrey Ritter  
Stephanie Rohrer  
Dereka Samuel  
Debra Shepherd  
Zachary Sluss  
Miranda Steller  
Brianna Taylor  
Benjamin Thompson  
Brittany Watson  
Tanner Wilcox  
Morgen Wood  
Michelle Workman  
Garrett Wright  


Jill Mersch

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Ivy Tech Kokomo Region Board of Trustees to meet July 7



Ivy Tech Community College – Kokomo Region

Notice is hereby given that at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 7, 2016 at Ivy Tech Community College – Kokomo, Student Life Building, Room M629, 1815 E Morgan Street, Kokomo, Indiana, the Board of Trustees of Ivy Tech Community College – Kokomo Region will meet in regular session to conduct business in accordance with the published agenda.

Dated this 28th day of June 2016.

Ms. Jean Cole, Secretary

Regional Board of Trustees



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Ivy Tech Kokomo sets welding course for summer

Spots open for training program that prepares students for skilled jobs

KOKOMO, Ind. — Several spots remain open for Ivy Tech Community College’s 10-week training program in welding being offered this summer in Kokomo.

The American Welding Society (AWS) 3G Carbon Steel Welding Preparation course prepares students for testing to earn certifications required for gainful employment as a welder. The class will meet on Ivy Tech’s Kokomo Campus from 8 a.m. to noon Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from July 11 through Sept. 16. It will be taught by a welding inspector certified by the American Society of Welding.

The program prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to join or cut metal surfaces. This includes instruction in arc welding, resistance welding, brazing and soldering, cutting, high-energy beam welding and cutting, solid state welding, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, oxidation-reduction reactions, welding metallurgy, welding processes and heat treating, structural design, safety, and applicable codes and standards. The program covers the welding of ferrous metals utilizing a variety of metallic manual welding methods and techniques and emphasizes safety hazards and safe practices in arc welding.

For more details on the course, cost, and potential financial support through WorkOne, contact Stephanie Reitan at 765-252-5476 or sreitan@ivytech.edu.

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Ivy Tech’s Elementary Education TSAP degree offers a smooth transition to bachelor’s degree

Associate degree transfers to state four-year institutions as a 60-credit package

KOKOMO, Ind. — Students who want to become elementary school teachers can complete the first two years of their college work at Ivy Tech Community College’s Kokomo Region and then transfer smoothly into four-year institutions as juniors on their way to a bachelor’s degree.

Under Ivy Tech’s TSAP (Transfer Single Articulation Pathway) program, students completing the College’s associate degree in Elementary Education can apply to any state-supported four-year institution with the understanding that they will be treated exactly like continuing students entering their junior year.

“We are pleased to have this agreement in place under the plan approved last year by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education,” said Steve Whikehart, assistant professor of Education and chair of the Elementary Education program at Ivy Tech’s Kokomo Region. “Students can, without question, take the first two years of an Elementary Education major at Ivy Tech and then transfer all 60 hours to a participating state university.”

Whikehart said the Elementary Education TSAP degree meets the expectations of the four-year university programs with a pathway of required courses that focus on the specific proficiencies needed in the teaching profession and equip the students with what they need to complete before applying to a university teaching program.

“We’ve added several more program-specific courses designed to give students a more well-rounded understanding of what education is in the 21st Century,” Whikehart said. These include such courses as “Health and Nutrition for Elementary Education Majors,” aimed at helping the aspiring teachers understand the diverse needs of their students.

The Kokomo Region is encouraging students to move through the program as part of a “cohort,” a group of students taking the same courses together to complete the degree. “This approach has been shown to build camaraderie, to develop a feeling of community that supports student success,” Whikehart said. The TSAP program also encourages students to complete their degrees because the credits are accepted by four-year schools as a package, instead of having to worry about course-by-course transfer agreements.

The program has identified courses that can be successfully taught online, offering experiences in distance education and how to integrate the use of technology into the classroom.

Ivy Tech’s Kokomo Region also offers TSAP degree programs in Business Administration, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Human Services, Informatics, and Nursing. All have been developed to pursue a single, common curriculum in particular programmatic areas that will articulate, without alteration, with related baccalaureate degrees at all four-year state education institutions that offer the equivalent baccalaureate degree.

Students who are unsure about their specific educational path, but intend to transfer to a four-year college, are also currently able to enroll directly into the general education core transfer certificate program or a transfer-oriented associate degree program.

To learn more about Ivy Tech’s Elementary Education program, contact Whikehart at swhikehart@ivytech.edu or 765-252-5519.

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Ivy Tech student awarded Jack Kent Cooke scholarship

Caleb Sedam of Logansport one of 75 students nationwide honored by prestigious program

Caleb Sedam Heading to Purdue as Jack Kent Cooke scholar

Caleb Sedam
Heading to Purdue as Jack Kent Cooke scholar

KOKOMO, Ind. — Caleb Sedam of Logansport, a student in Ivy Tech Community College’s Kokomo Region, has been awarded the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship worth up to $40,000 a year to complete a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university.

Sedam, the 19-year-old son of Jeff and Diann Sedam, is completing an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies at Ivy Tech this summer and plans to continue his education at Purdue University this fall. As a home-schooled student, he completed his high school work last May by taking Ivy Tech classes for both high school and college credit through the 2014-2015 school year.

With a year of credits completed, Sedam started fulltime at Ivy Tech last fall, taking classes at the community college’s campuses in Kokomo, Logansport, Lafayette, and South Bend over the past two years. While at Ivy Tech, he earned a 4.0 grade point average and was active in Phi Theta Kappa, the international academic honor society for community college students.

Sedam is one of 75 community college students selected for the Cooke Scholarship from a competitive nationwide pool this year. Cooke Scholarships fund the costs of attending college not covered by other financial aid, plus academic advising, stipends for internships, study abroad, and opportunities to network with other Cooke Scholars and alumni. In addition, after earning a bachelor’s degree, each Cooke Scholar will be eligible for a scholarship for graduate school worth up to $50,000 a year for up to four years.

All of the Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholars have financial need and strong records of academic achievement as shown by grades, leadership skills, awards, extraordinary service to others and perseverance in the face of adversity.

“I’m so excited by the opportunities offered by this program,” Sedam said. “This scholarship will allow me to go right to Purdue and to focus more of my time at Purdue on my studies instead of having to work. It will help me fulfill my goal of getting through my bachelor’s degree debt-free and opens up the possibility of attending an Ivy League university for graduate school.”

Sedam plans to study cellular and biomolecular engineering at Purdue. Future plans include a doctorate – whether an M.D. or a Ph.D – to possibly go into medical research and teaching in gene therapy or therapeutic cloning.

The Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship is the largest private scholarship in the nation for students transferring from two-year community colleges to four-year institutions that award bachelor’s degrees.

“Many elite colleges and universities are reluctant to admit large numbers of transfer students from community colleges, even when these students have excellent grades and other qualifications,” said Cooke Foundation Executive Director Harold O. Levy. “This is unfair and unwise. The Cooke Foundation’s Undergraduate Transfer Scholars have a long record of success at the most selective colleges and graduate schools, such as the Ivy League in the United States and the University of Oxford in Great Britain. These extraordinary young people have proven repeatedly and conclusively that top community college students have the ability to thrive in top four-year colleges. They deserve equal educational opportunity.”

Leo Studach, chair of science at Ivy Tech’s Kokomo Region and advisor of Phi Theta Kappa’s Beta Gamma Zeta chapter at the Logansport Campus, agreed.

“Caleb is a student that seeks out every opportunity,” Studach said. “He first learned about the Jack Kent Cooke program in 2014 at one of Phi Theta Kappa’s college completion events at the Logansport campus. Isa Adney, a community college graduate and Phi Theta Kappan now known for her inspirational writing and video work, spoke about how the Jack Kent Cooke scholarship had opened so many incredible opportunities for her.

“This past fall, Caleb began working on his application in earnest with his mind set on attending Purdue. All of us at the College are immensely proud of Caleb’s accomplishments and know he will go on to accomplish great things at Purdue and beyond.”

Sedam’s connections to Ivy Tech go back to 2008 and his participation as a 10-year-old in Project Succeed, a program sponsored by the College aimed at teaching young people how to think creatively by inventing a new product. Sedam’s “Tipnomore” cupholder took first prize. Growing up, he was active in 4-H for 10 years, serving as a Junior Leader, and he capped his Boy Scout career with a project for the American Red Cross in Logansport that earned him Eagle Scout designation.

This summer, for the second year, he’s working as a temporary employee in plant maintenance for the Andersons, traveling the area during the day doing soil samples aimed at improving the efficiency of fertilizer application for the company’s farmer customers. In the evening, as he has since December, he works as a merchandiser for American Greetings, stocking local stores with greeting cards and party supplies.

In terms of hobbies, Sedam says he loves to read, tend his garden, and fish – along with volunteer work that includes working with veterans and teaching agriculture and gardening through the Purdue Extension. His love of travel has led him to Europe and South Africa, along with domestic destinations. Trips are planned to Europe in June and Costa Rica next March.

His journey as a Cooke scholar begins with a three-day conference near Washington, D.C., at the end of July where he’ll meet his fellow scholarship winners and learn more about the program. He’ll leave with gratitude to his parents, especially his mother, for the opportunities he’s already had. “Without their support, I definitely would not be as motivated as I am today and definitely would not be in the position I am today,” he said. His parents’ work continues as they home-school his two younger brothers.

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is dedicated to advancing the education of exceptionally promising students who have financial need. It offers the largest scholarships in the U.S., comprehensive counseling and other support services to students from 8th grade to graduate school. Since 2000 it has awarded about $147 million in scholarships to more than 2,000 students and $90 million in grants to organizations that serve outstanding low-income students. www.jkcf.org

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